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Edit ( 07-02-2011 ):  Ugh, again with the editing.  Sorry.  ._.;

I just wanted to clarify something, because I don't think I was very clear.  I mention that I have a lot of ideas that I have trouble finalizing, but my intention with looking for a collab partner is to come up with a new project together, unless either of us has/have ( ugh, grammar? ) something that we think could work with each other styles.  Of course, it would probably help if I had something to show for my "style"...  I'll try to fix that...


- - - - - - - - - - - -

Edit ( 06-24-2011 ): There are some rather important things I managed to leave out.

I don't mind working with someone of pretty much any age, but if you're younger than 18:

- I may be slightly skeptical at first, because a lot of younger people aren't quite ready for a big project.  However, I am aware that there are definitely exceptions, so I am not against working with someone who is not considered an adult!
- You will have to get your parent's or legal guardian's permission to work on something like this ( although, I don't think you'll have to do that until we have decided that we are compatible and have a project that we would like to work on ).
- I can not discuss certain topics with you.  So our project will probably have to be rated PG13 or lower ( which is fine with me, as I like working with pretty much any rating ).

Also, while I'm not against working with someone who lives outside the United States, it may be a bit difficult to figure out everything, such as copyrights, payments, and taxes.  That's something we should keep in mind.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Edit ( 02-12-2011 ): While I still like the idea of having a collab partner or two, I am no longer desperate for one.  I have realized that I should try get through this on my own, rather than depending on others.  Working on a project with someone else is still a nice option, though.  So if you happen to be interested in the idea, please feel free to read this entry to see if it sounds like something you may want to do.  :)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I was going to make this journal entry before, but decided not to, for one reason or another.  I've been feeling really depressed and stuck lately, so I thought perhaps I should try, just in case... :depressed:

I tend to come up with a lot of concepts and ideas, but I have a hard time finalizing them and getting them out there.  I've recently realized that I really enjoy collaborating with others and it would be a very good solution to some of my problems.

However, I am also learning that it is very difficult to find someone for such a project.  I find that I am somewhere between a "professional" and a "hobbyist", so both sides tend to not agree with how I want to do things, which only makes looking for a collab partner even more difficult...

I've been trying to look for a collab partner for over two months now and for some reason the couple of people that I have attempted to see if this would work seemed to have misunderstood what I wanted to do.  I'll try to make this as clear as possible in this post.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to bring them up...

I'm looking for someone who is able to ( and wants to, of course )...

- Produce high quality writing/artwork within a reasonable amount of time.
- Work with the intention of PUBLISHING/PRODUCING it.
- Develop this collab through roleplay ( would be revised later to make it flow better ) or discussion.
- Our income will be split up based on the amount of work effort we put into it and/or what we agree upon.
- Discuss the project with me to come to a decision together and agree upon what can and can not be done with the project.
- Handle my overzealous-ness or at least be able to say "That's nice, now please calm down" or something without it becoming a big deal.  I can calm down, really, I just...get really happy when things are being accomplished. ._.;

And, of course, won't take advantage of me, as I wouldn't do that to them. Everyone should be treated fairly and follow our agreement. The project would belong to both of us.

As for communication, there's LJ ( private message or locked post(s) ), DeviantART ( notes or chat, if you have a paid membership ), e-mail, or instant messenger ( I use Yahoo! ). I'm also considering getting Skype ( or just using Yahoo!IM's 'calling' feature ) so that I could talk directly to whoever I work with, which I think would make it easier as well as help get my thoughts in order ( I tend to think better while I'm walking around ).  I'd have to get a mic though ( I'd like to get a headset mic so I can walk around ).  If you have any other ideas, we can also consider those.

Also, to help give a better idea of the possibilities, here's a list of things I would be interested in and things I would rather not focus on.


- I am open to various types of genres and concepts, including: action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, drama, tragedy, sci-fi, parody, satire, mockumentary, romance, children's, family, musical*, sports, erotic**, social commentary, exploring issues, unusual concepts, superheroes, humans, animals, anthropomorphic, holidays, uplifting, and even just a general story.
- Various formats and sizes ( we should keep it kinda short for now - a novel would probably be okay, but a novel series would probably be pushing it ): novel, graphic novel, short story, short film, feature film, television series ( may be pushing it a bit, it depends ), short series, comic, animation, and possibly video game concepts.
- I'm down with involving different types of relationships, sexualities, and identities ( although, this doesn’t mean they have to be included ): heterosexuality, homosexuality***, transsexualism, asexuality, interracial, polygamy, and large age gaps ( as long as those involved are over the age of consent ).  I'm iffy on some, however, but may be willing to include them depending upon how it's handled ( probably not in a positive, or at least not a promotional, way ) and if it works for the story.

* Although I'm not sure how well I would do at assisting with lyrics.  Even so, I think a musical could be a lot of fun.
** Not sure if I would be very good in this department, but I'm not opposed to it.
*** I don't do the whole seme/uke thing and I refuse to refer to relationships that way.  The closest I will come to that is dom/sub, but I tend to treat relationships based on the individuals involved and what they are comfortable with.  On average, my characters tend to be more comfortable with being the more dom-ish person in the relationship, but I can play switches and more sub-ish characters as well.


- The horror genre or excessive gore.  A little bit of violence is okay, however, and a little bit of gore might be bearable, depending upon the situation and how it is presented.  Mystery might be okay as well, but I'm not sure.
- Promotes violence, war, religion, stereotypes*, or discrimination.  It's okay if those elements are involved, as there may be all sorts of characters and situations within the story, but I would rather not promote them, especially in a more serious project.  If it's satire, it might be okay to be the main focus.  It really depends on the project.
- Not a big fan of vampires or zombies, so I would prefer something that doesn't revolve around them.
- This may be a given, but just in case...  We should avoid Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus as much as possible.  Sometimes they happen ( I have some, sadly, but I'm going to try to fix them, if I can ), but it's best not to have them if we can manage it, especially for roleplaying.

* Although, stereotypes can accidentally occur and are sometimes fun to play with, especially within comedic genres.

Getting a project started is one of the hardest parts and sometimes it takes me a little while to decide upon characters and their names.  However, once we get it going, it should run pretty smoothly, I think.

We can decide together how often to work on the project, depending upon the project, what time we have available, and what we want to do with it.

We should discuss things out and agree upon what we want to do before we finalize anything.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss it with me.

*looks around hopefully*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hello and welcome to TPP Graphics!  Here you will find stamps, emoticons, avatars, and other such graphics that I have made and would be more than happy if you would like to use them.  :D  All I ask in return is that you give me credit for making them, preferably with a link to either this account or my main account.  You don't even have to ask me if you may use them!  :)

Although, if you would like to help support me, you can do so in any of the following ways:

- Advertise for and/or purchase something from my online shop.
- Advertise for and/or watch some of my videos.
- Donate a DA subscription for either this account or my main account.
- Join Marapets using my referral link (remove the two #'s!): www.marapets.#com/refer.php?id=#phantompanther

Or anything else that you think may be helpful.  :)  Of course, this is only if you would like to!  You are not, by any means, required to do so.  :nod:

I do not mind if you use my graphics from this account on other sites.  The only time there may be an issue is if I use stock, a template, etc that was provided by someone else (example: stamp template).  If there are other elements used in my work, it would probably be best if you make sure that it is okay with everyone that created those elements before you use it on another site.  I will generally try to keep to my own resources, but there may be others that I will use once in a while (especially for stamps, which I will probably always use a template for).  If that is the case, I will mention it in the description of the submission.

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :icondragonnod1:

My favorites/collections will be full of graphics and stamps that are available on my other accounts, graphics and stamps by other users, resources, and other such things.  Feel free to check it out, if you're interested!

I will not log onto this account very often and will leave up my online status for reference.

My Other Accounts:

Main: :iconphantompanther:  Stock: :iconphantompanther-stock:

Other Stamp Makers:

:iconalaska-is-a-husky: :iconspikytastic: :iconstampsbysassawj: :icongenkistamps: :iconstampz-r-4-licking:


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I hope you have a great day!  :heart:
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If you think that ALL of them are like that, you are speciesist.
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"Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin." [Leviticus 18:22]

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I don't go around bashing Catholics because Catholicism and the Pope are un-Biblical and slimy. I don't see why you should go bashing everyday homosexuals just because you believe some evil government plot is underfoot from on high. 

Pssst, homosexuality is not condemned in the Bible, (or if it is, it's mentioned not even a handful of times) but being rich and not helping the poor IS (which is stated over, and over, and over, and over). Maybe you should take a closer look at those politicians voting themselves pay raises in Congress and feeding you this line about the "gay agenda" to distract you. Those who let Flint Michigan's water going to the poorest be poisoned. Those who allow 1 in 5 children in America to go underfed.…
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